Transportation Choices


Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC) is a non-profit organization working to bring Washingtonians additional and more convenientĀ  transportation choices — real opportunities to take a bus, catch a train, ride a bike, walk or carpool. Originally brought in to re-design their website, through our brand audit we came to the realization that their current brand identity lead to a misconnect with their multiple audiences.


Rebrand the organization with a clear message that connects with their younger constituents, donors, partners and politicians. Create a message with a broader reach.


Reviewing the brand audit revealed that TCC was well respected and its core was its connection to the people that used transportation. It was apparent, that their brand needed to tell a story, not simply about getting from point A to point B, but about lifestyles and the many available options.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity
  • Corporate Identity Standards
  • Website