2019 Business Resolutions

As we enter the 2019 year, below are my top 10 New Year Personal Business Resolutions (Doesn’t include the obvious, increase in sales and the number of clients).

Top 10 2019 New Year Resolutions

  1. Be On Time for Meetings
  2. Strive to Learn Something New Every Day
  3. Listen More
  4. Get Out of My Comfort Zone
  5. Take Smart Risks
  6. Don’t procrastinate – Get it done
  7. Put “Me” Time on My Calendar
  8. Charge What I’m Worth
  9. Focus on Communicating Better
  10. Prioritize Balance

Stay focused and try hard, review how you’re doing mid-way through the year and make adjustments. If you keep at it, your resolutions will become second nature and part of who you are.

Good Luck and here’s to a great 2019!

  1. Become a Better Leader
  2. Check in More With My Customers
  3. Make Time to Exercise
  4. Give Myself Credit When I Deserve It
  5. Track To-Do List
  6. Spend More Time in My Hobby
  7. Take the time to stay in touch with friends
  8. Think More Before I Talk
  9. Follow Up
  10. Be more productive
  11. Extend a Hand
  12. Think Ahead