Tis the Season

Time to Develop your 2019 Roadmap to Success

Now that we’ve had our Turkey dinner (I hope yours was as enjoyable as mine) and we’re heading into the holiday season (Happy Holidays), as business owners or marketing managers it’s the season to think about and plan for 2019.  


Roadmap to Success

It’s essential to have a marketing plan in place; it acts as your roadmap to a successful year. The plan is the company’s comprehensive blueprint, outlining the upcoming years’ marketing efforts. It describes business activities to accomplish the specific marketing objectives within a set timeframe.

I work with many clients in developing their Marketing Plans. We work off of a 1-Page Marketing Action Plan™ that provides the guidelines for the required information. The 1-Page format (the whole plan has to fit on the one-page) makes for a quick read and allows businesses to review and track their status quickly.  We review it with our clients on a quarterly basis.

The 1-Page Marketing Action Plan™ Includes:


2019 Overview

Sales Goals

Key Audience

Market Position

Value to Customer






Contact me if you’d like a copy of the SDM 1-Page Marketing Action Plan™


Formulating Your Plan

The steps in developing your 2019 plan,

1) Review the 2018 Marketing Plan

2) Analyze which marketing programs worked and didn’t and the whys

3) Plan out your 2019 Objectives

4) Develop your strategies to reach those objectives

5) Draw up your tactics to support your strategy

6) Review your plan

Marketing Plans are “live” documents and as you’re reviewing, don’t be afraid to make changes and adjustments, the market conditions may demand you make modifications.  


Happy Holiday Seasons! Good Luck in developing your 2019 Marketing Action Plan!