Hanford Challenge


Team worked with Hanford Challenge a non-profit organization that exists to transform Hanford’s nuclear legacy into a model of safe and effective cleanup on their new Website. Communications are needed on multiple levels, workers, politicians (local, state and national), local residence, the media, Hanford management and The Hanford Concerns Council.*


Design a Website that is easy to navigate, showcases new information and is a depository for old content. It has to communicate the information to multiple groups. Position the organization as the experts and as the go to group for information and the supporter of Hanford workers.


Through our research and understanding on how the different groups use information, we designed the site to facilitate keeping all groups informed and up-to-date as well as being able to pull the information from the site. Knowing that the information would need to change regularly, we spent time in selecting the most efficient CMS program. We also highlighted within the design asking for donations.


  • Requirements Brief
  • Website Design
  • Taproot

* A Taproot project. Taproot is a non-profit organization that recruits, organizes and teams up marketing professionals to work with organizations working to improve society. They envision a day when Taproot services will enable all organizations with promising solutions to successfully take on urgent social challenges.